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How we produce our organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic AgricultureOur extra virgin olive oil comes from organic crops and is obtained exclusively from hand-picked olives (local variety Minucciola) and we then begin the olive oil process the same day of harvesting by using mechanical means. The final result is a very low acidic olive oil with a sweet flavor mixed well with bitter and sharp nuances and peculiar aromas (tomato and Mediterranean aromatic herbs) which are typical from our area.
Light filtering is done in order to keep the integrity of the nutritional values of the extra virgin olive oil; the oil obtained looks straw-yellow oil with greenish hues.

   Before harvesting, there are several inspections in the field to determine the right degree of maturity and to verify the general growing shape of the olive. Usually we start up harvesting the last week of September until the end of October.     Before certifying the farm as an organic supplier, the agency CCPB from Bologna makes several inspection tours throughout the year.  
  The harvesting is personally conducted in order to get a careful selection of the olives reserved for milling and it is completely hand-picked with the aid of nets that are temporarily located under the trees.   The oil-mill, which has organic certification too, is promptly informed to ensure same day processing.  
  The olives are carried to the oil-mill straight after the harvesting in order to preserve the nutritional and healthy properties of the resulting extra virgin olive oil.   The use of plastic crates assures the integrity of the olives and continuous ventilation.  
  Early chemical analysis is made after every single milling to determine the acidity rate and the level of peroxides to select the best product. At the end of the seasonal harvesting, oil samples from each batch are sent to the certified laboratory for the chemical and sensorial analysis in compliance with the regulations in force. After the analysis test and the CCPB approval we finally proceed to bottling.   You can buy our extra virgin organic olive oil by appointment directly at the farm or on line

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