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Chemical and sensorial analysis

Organic AgricultureChemical analysis was given by SI Impresa laboratories on 13 December 2017.



Le analisi chimiche del nostro olio biologico

Chemical analysis

Free Acidity (oleic acid %): 0,22

Peroxide Value (meq O2/kg): 4,73

Le analisi sensoriali del nostro olio biologicoSpectrometry (UV Light Absorbency):

K232: 1,75

K268: 0,146

ΔK: 0,0034

Total Polyphenols (mg/l): 512


Sensorial analysis

Fruity: 2,8

Flaw: 0,0

Bitter: 3,8

Pungent: 2,8

Category: extra virgin

CVR: <20%



Detailed analysis

Click here to view original pdf document with the chemical and organoleptic analysis: Chemical and sensorial analysis


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