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Solidarity policies

AlmaMaterBio is not satisfied with just producing olive oil, we are also involved in solidarity policies supporting farms managed by women in underdeveloped countries and projects for children which grant them part of the profits of the sales.


« “La Buona Tavola” is a project made possible by Piano Terra Onlus thanks to the contribution of Save the Children and Enel Cuore. It aims to spread good nutrition habits and healthy lifestyle through various actions mostly based on practical actions directly involving consumers (healthy kitchen workshop, recycling workshop, “Mothers of the cooking world” workshop…). In addition, Training courses taught by experts (nutritionists, pediatricians…) are offered. Those experts, upon request, will also provide free specialised consulting. The Association, moreover, will distribute among project participants products for family food shopping, in order to help healthy and low-price meal preparation. Therefore, AlmaMaterBio olive oil contribution was extremely precious for our project.” »
Pianoterra Onlus, 5 February 2013
Web site: www.pianoterra.net



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